Our Story 

Jerry Gjerde


Since I was a teenager cars have been my life.  I began working for my Dad, James Gjerde, who owned and operated “Gjerde Auto Sales” in Callaway, MN.  He would buy vehicles to sell on his used car lot, and I would do the auto body and painting to freshen them up for re-sale.  This eventually brought me to operating my own auto body shop; “Jerry’s Auto Body”, also in Callaway, MN.   I have experience in everything from simple rust repair to complete frame off rotisserie restorations.   I enjoy every aspect of  the restoration process, from a simple paint job to custom painting , rust repair, panel patching, welding, fabricating,  some motor repair and engine rebuilding. Over my 30 years of experience in auto body, I have had the awesome opportunity of working on a large variety of customer projects from “1930’s vintage vehicles, to “Muscle Cars”, “Classic Trucks” and Tractors.

I also enjoyed 6 years of building fire trucks in Brandon SD.   Family brought us to Mandan, ND in 2010, where we are now located and known as “MEMORY LANE AUTO RESTORATION”.

 I believe the perfect restoration, is the one that the customer has envisioned, not the  shop. Listening to our customer is paramount.  Not only is it the best way to achieve a great reputation for the shop, but simply put... it's the only right thing to do.  We include the customer in all decisions in their restoration process.  There is no greater honor than when a a referral walks in our door.

Restoring vehicles is not only my work;

It’s been my life's passion.

My love for vehicles has always been there, but my love for restoration really began when I worked at Honeyman Farms in Morristown, SD. Where I performed restorations on several antique tractors as well as vintage vehicles,  with all the wiring and mounting built from scratch. Throughout the years, I have worked in all areas of diesel and gasoline engine repair, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Areas of expertise include electrical systems, hydraulic systems, drivetrains, brake systems, welding, machining, fabrication, preventive maintenance, and steering systems.

My technical abilities include use of schematics, technical manuals, diagnostic software, test equipment as well as specialty tooling. Experienced in gasoline engine diagnostics, engine rebuilding, some transmission rebuilding, differential rebuilding, carburetor rebuilding, ignition systems, EFI systems, custom suspension, vintage automotive repair and retrofitting modern systems to older vehicles to improve drivability and safety, as well as performance.

Experienced in MIG, stick, TIG, and OXY/Acetylene, plasma cutter, Lathe, milling machine, sheet metal tooling including brake (press and box/pan), shear, punch press, spot welder. I have vast experience with rust repair/patching body panels and frame components, I understand that a show quality paint job is only as good as the metal work underneath. I work meticulously with an eye for detail and quality while still being able to get the work done in a timely manner. My problem-solving skills are second to none, and always meet a challenge with a positive attitude. I firmly believe that if it can be imagined it can be built.